Founding Partner

Jennifer Ketelsen-Renner is a founding partner of Ketelsen Renner PLLC. She helps small businesses get started and stay running so her clients can do what they do best: succeed. Jennifer helps immigrants with their family-based immigration matters too; specifically, her focus is on immigration appeals. 

Jennifer is not your traditional lawyer; in fact, law is her second career. Jennifer arrived at law school with a strong scientific background in psychology and neuroscience, and years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Because of her background and experience, many people thought she should've pursued a career as a patent attorney. But she has always been the type of person to explore her options, weigh them against her goals and aspirations, and arrive at a decision that feels best for her, and that wasn't patent law. Instead, her prelaw experience sparked interests in administrative law, tax law, and business law. And, while it may not be apparent why a scientist would want to practice in any of these areas of law,  Jennifer's time in the pharmaceutical industry and her personal experience as the granddaughter of an immigrant and the daughter of business owner are just a few reasons as to why Jennifer truly enjoys practicing in these areas of law. 


Jennifer's professional path from science to law makes her a unique lawyer, one with multiple perspectives and experiences to draw upon that can assist you in achieving success.  Whatever your path, Jennifer is here to help you with the law so that you can focus on your business, your family, your life. 

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